Made To Improve
People's Lives

Bringing Value To Customers

They say the best brands are the ones that care about their customer.

ErgoWay combines many years of experience and observations of how an improperly arranged work environment can lead to a bunch of health and productivity problems.

ErgoWay was created with a mission to provide people more than just regular office supplies but a way to get more organized at work and improve their daily lives.

Making Work Comfortable

Inspired by people…

The inspiration for creating a brand that would improve individuals’ daily lives came from the company’s employees, who began looking for creative ways to make office work more comfortable and easier.

To help our employees and ourselves, we designed ErgoWay – with a mission on bringing well-being in any work environment. One of our main principles is that it is necessary to try to prevent potential problems and not just wait and solve them when they arise.

You Deserve Better

A better choice for the long run…

If we choose ergonomic accessories for work, we will help ourselves and consequently significantly improve the quality of our everyday life and the quality of our work.


Years of Research

Our Origins

The ErgoWay brand is owned by a successful company based in Slovenia.

The company, is primarily engaged in the sale of office supplies, but we wanted to add gadgets to the offer that make work easier for employees and individuals who spend a lot of time behind the computer.

Since gadgets that would meet our requirements could not be found on the market, we created them ourselves and combined them under the ErgoWay brand.

ErgoWay – the right path to an optimal, ergonomically designed work environment.


Better for You
and the World

Award Winning Design

Because you and the world deserve the best.


We made sure our products are low waste and made to last. We designed, invented and produce them ourselves and make sure both customers and employees are treated at the highest standard whilst ensuring the product is made to perfection.