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Medical Professional Review

A review by medical professional Boštjan Šimunič.

After a scientific evaluation of Ergonomic Armrest, which works on the same principle as ErgoFlow  pads, I can confirm the ergonomic efficiency of both products, which are designed to allow users to  smoothly and neutrally manoeuvre the hand around the workspace with complete control of their  

movements. The study confirmed a reduction in risk factors for carpal tunnel syndrome. Namely, the  use of both devices diminishes variation of the wrist joint angle and relief of the shoulder joint. The  use of the vertically adjustable mouse is a logical upgrade of a more comprehensive solution that will  provide, from the point of view of a healthy workplace, an even more optimal solution. The  combination offers the user less wrist flexion, more optimal and adjustable working arm tilt, shoulder  joint relief and better movement with greater and more precise control of the use of a computer  mouse and keyboard.

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