Free Delivery on All Orders above 20€

Free Delivery on All Orders above 20€

ErgoWay Slide Pad

Optimize the position of your hand and reduce wrist tension.
56 reviews
Enables precision movement
Rest for your hand
It can protect your wrist.

1 × ErgoWay Slide Pad


2 × ErgoWay Slide Pad



Smooth, comfortable and recommended by medical professionals.

Real users, real stories!

Slide your way

How it works?

Open the box, place it on your desk and enjoy.

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Can be used with products such as vertical and sliding mouse.

 Design enables vertical and horizontal hand placement.

Allows adjustments in arm length, while other wrist rests allow only horizontal placement of the hand or palm on the devices.

We partnered with medical experts and conducted several user tests before finding the optimal solution, different from any other wrist rests.

The study confirmed a reduction in risk factors for carpal tunnel syndrome. Namely, the use of both devices diminishes variation of the wrist joint angle and relief of the shoulder joint. The use of the vertically adjustable mouse is a logical upgrade of a more comprehensive solution that will provide, from the point of view of a healthy workplace, an even more optimal solution.

The combination offers the user less wrist flexion, more optimal and adjustable working arm tilt, shoulder joint relief and better movement with greater and more precise control of the use of a computer mouse and keyboard.

Ready for use.

No adjustments needed.

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Real users real stories!



56 Reviews

Ana S.


It provides great comfort!

The quality is fantastic, it provides great comfort, and now that I’ve used it for a while, I go to use a mouse without it and it feels like an appendage has been lost. I cannot more highly recommend the product and company behind it.

Paul T.


Saved my wrists! I love it.

This is a game changer when it comes to using computer, between gaming or just normal use of my mouse and keyboard combo, it’s hard to explain but it all feels so much more natural. Any time I don’t use it I I actually feel as though somethings wrong. What my life was before this I’m not sure but I’m glad I got not one but two, for home and work!

Johnny B.


Love it! Great for work and home.

Found the Slide Pad through Ergoway’s  Instagram. I’m a programmer and I use it every day at work. It makes my life so much more comfortable. I definitely recommend the Slide Pad.

Petra P.


It's simple to use and comfortable

The SlidePad is so simple to use. I bought 4 so I can have two at home and two at work. It’s so comfortable. I don’t know how I worked without it.

Mike P.


The material is strong and the texture is soft.

The product is so comfortable and good. The material is strong and the texture is soft. At first, it takes some time to adapt, but if you endure it well, you can use it well. And the replacement or additional order service is well done. nice!

Ziga Z.


I'm a gamer and it's literally game changing! :)

It gives me extra precision and ensures I keep my wrist position in check. Click here to check  YouTube review.

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